Creating the Future of News is an online publication and community hub with the mission to support a positive future for the news industry and ecosystem globally.

Our content provides insights, analysis, data, and a community platform for media professionals to explore directions in news content creation, distribution and audience engagement, uncover newsroom best practices, products and tools, and how to champion innovation.

In particular we are seeking to facilitate high-value industry collaboration, by enabling the sharing of practical insights, lessons learned, and data that can assist other news organizations and the broader industry.

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  • Support an active and engaged community of news professionals and industry leaders.
  • Enable industry collaboration by sharing insights, data, and research.
  • Showcase best practices in newsroom workflows, content creation, and distribution.
  • Explore new products, tools, and current and future industry developments.
  • Offer useful insights into skills development, career pathways, and the training necessary for journalists to create value in the newsrooms of the future.
  • Provide a global perspective on news and the broader media landscape, delving into and comparing what is happening in different countries and regions.
  • Facilitate valuable industry connections.