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Key Strategies for Building Successful Audience Revenue and Engagement Programs: Report

Digital media publications struggled in 2017. The Facebook-Google Duopoly continued to rake in the lion’s share of advertising dollars. The much-hyped “pivot to video” strategy […]

A series of Facebook photos appear in rows.

Should Google and Facebook Be Considered Media Companies?

Facebook and Google are making conscious efforts to distinguish themselves as technology companies rather than media companies. This distinction is important to define considering their […]

Creating the future of news

How Chatbots and News Messaging Apps Are Changing Editorial and Commercial Innovation

In a 2015 blog post entitled “The Future of News is Not an Article,” Alexis Lloyd, the then creative director of […]

Creating the future of news blog

A Review of Successful Micropayment Platforms

Micropayment platforms that allow people to buy individual news stories for 10, 20, or 50 cents are finally reaching the mainstream after about 20 years […]

Media expert Dominique Delport paints a positive picture for the future of news .

Are Newspapers Truly Facing Extinction?

Are newspapers truly facing extinction? Dominique Delport, Global Managing Director of Havas Media Group, shares an optimistic perspective. While the newspaper industry is being confronted […]