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Predicting the Media Landscape: What Lies Ahead for 2018

In an era of “fake news” is journalism at last fighting back? Taking a look back at 2017 it would appear so. Indeed, it would […]

Review of the Newspaper Extinction Timeline: What We Got Wrong and the Future of News from Here

In October 2010 I launched the now-infamous Newspaper Extinction Timeline, shown below. It launched an immediate and enduring conversation, with the timeline […]

Four Scenarios to Guide Pathways to a Prosperous Future for the News Industry

The higher the degree of uncertainty, the greater the value of using scenarios. One of the deepest uncertainties today is the future shape of the […]

The word trust as seen in a dictionary.

Can The Trust Project’s Plan to Win Back Audiences Work?

The news industry is dealing with some serious trust issues. Yet even as confidence in the global media sinks to an all-time […]

A series of Facebook photos appear in rows.

Should Google and Facebook Be Considered Media Companies?

Facebook and Google are making conscious efforts to distinguish themselves as technology companies rather than media companies. This distinction is important to define considering their […]

A newspaper vendor in Mumbai reads the news.

Why Indian Publishers Should Be Wary Despite Growing Newspaper Circulation

For years, the Indian newspaper industry has been the envy of the rest of the world. It has grown consistently since India‚Äôs economic reforms in […]

Scrabble letter spelling out "fake news."

Overcoming Fake News and Echo Chambers in the Age of Social Media

Online news sources have grown significantly in recent years. With this increase, more people are relying on social media sites to discover and share news […]

6 Key Strategies Media Companies Need to Prosper in the Future News Industry

One of the most striking trends in 21st century innovation is the significant potential for media to create value on a global scale. Media, in […]

Creating the future of news blog

A Review of Successful Micropayment Platforms

Micropayment platforms that allow people to buy individual news stories for 10, 20, or 50 cents are finally reaching the mainstream after about 20 years […]