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Key Strategies for Building Successful Audience Revenue and Engagement Programs: Report

Digital media publications struggled in 2017. The Facebook-Google Duopoly continued to rake in the lion’s share of advertising dollars. The much-hyped “pivot to video” strategy […]

6 Key Strategies Media Companies Need to Prosper in the Future News Industry

One of the most striking trends in 21st century innovation is the significant potential for media to create value on a global scale. Media, in […]

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Mobile Adblock Usage Surges in Asia-Pacific and Could Also Explode in North America and Europe, Warns Report

Mobile devices running adblockers have overtaken desktop adblocker usage globally due to their rapid adoption in Asia during 2016, according to a recent report from […]

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A Review of Successful Micropayment Platforms

Micropayment platforms that allow people to buy individual news stories for 10, 20, or 50 cents are finally reaching the mainstream after about 20 years […]