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Predicting the Media Landscape: What Lies Ahead for 2018

In an era of “fake news” is journalism at last fighting back? Taking a look back at 2017 it would appear so. Indeed, it would […]

Key Strategies for Building Successful Audience Revenue and Engagement Programs: Report

Digital media publications struggled in 2017. The Facebook-Google Duopoly continued to rake in the lion’s share of advertising dollars. The much-hyped “pivot to video” strategy […]

Four Scenarios to Guide Pathways to a Prosperous Future for the News Industry

The higher the degree of uncertainty, the greater the value of using scenarios. One of the deepest uncertainties today is the future shape of the […]

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Can The Trust Project’s Plan to Win Back Audiences Work?

The news industry is dealing with some serious trust issues. Yet even as confidence in the global media sinks to an all-time […]

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Record-Low Trust Levels Show Global Media Needs to Win Back Audience Confidence

Public confidence in news media has steadily declined in recent years. In fact, according to a poll conducted by communications marketing firm Edelman, it’s hit […]

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Overcoming Fake News and Echo Chambers in the Age of Social Media

Online news sources have grown significantly in recent years. With this increase, more people are relying on social media sites to discover and share news […]

6 Key Strategies Media Companies Need to Prosper in the Future News Industry

One of the most striking trends in 21st century innovation is the significant potential for media to create value on a global scale. Media, in […]

What Motivates People to Click on News Stories

In the digital era, a news story’s success is often measured by its page views. Not only that, metrics play a large role in informing […]

Creating the future of news

How Chatbots and News Messaging Apps Are Changing Editorial and Commercial Innovation

In a 2015 blog post entitled “The Future of News is Not an Article,” Alexis Lloyd, the then creative director of […]